Water is a precious resource and conserving it is everyone’s responsibility, but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice a green lawn and beautiful landscape. With a custom-designed irrigation system, each area of your landscape will be fitted with the proper water-saving sprinklers and spray heads, plus a controller that will turn the system on and off – automatically and on a precise schedule. The end result will likely be a reduction in water bills and definite savings in time and effort.

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At EcoSystems Irrigation, we have several unique systems and strategies for helping you conserve water and reduce your bills to the New Jersey water companies. Both Rain Bird and Hunter irrigation products (which we install and repair) have been designed for maximum water efficiency:

  • Gear-driven sprinklers apply water slowly so it soaks in without runoff.
  • Precision-engineered nozzles apply water evenly, preventing brown spots.
  • Spray heads keep water on turf and plants and off walkways and walls.
  • Controllers feature smart rain sensor capabilities to prevent unnecessary watering with additional features such as “no water” days, extra watering cycles and seasonal adjustments.
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