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Yes, EcoSystems is an essential service provider during the COVID-19 virus outbreak. This is because EcoSystems provides vital Lawn Sprinkler and Turf Fertilization services that are deemed an essential business by the State of New Jersey.

  • According to Governor of New Jersey, we are listed as an essential business. We are here to help you beautify and protect your property while complying with social distancing protocols.

Each lawn has different sun and soil conditions, thus requiring varying amounts of water. It is better to water deeply and infrequently rather than lightly every day. Other factors include the type of sprinklers used, direct sun, shade, soil conditions, slope, and temperature. Generally it’s best to water as much as possible at once without creating run-off, then wait as long as possible before watering again.

Blowing your grass clippings into the lawn is more valuable for your lawn as it returns nutrients to the soil as they decompose.

Proper mowing practices are essential to your lawn’s health and maintenance. Mowing too short damages grass root systems, thins the lawn, decreases drought and disease resistance, and increases your weed population. Please set your mowing height to at least 3 inches for the spring, and try not to cut off more than 1/3 of the grass blade per mowing (cut when your grass is 4-5 inches high). Keep your cutting blade sharp, and do not collect your clippings (unless you have grass clumps), as they return nutrients to the soil as they decompose.

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