You could spend hours in the hot July sun watering your lawn, but why? Why, when there are so many quality sprinkler systems designed to make the process so easy on you, it’s like there is no process. At the top of the sprinkler heap by a mile is Rain Bird sprinklers.

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Rain Bird sprinklers came about after an enterprising man invented the concept of a sprinkler system. Orton Englehart was a Southern California citrus grower who filed in 1933 for a patent for his unusual device he described as a “spring-activated horizontal impact arm driven sprinkler”.

Englehart’s sprinkler was very durable and users found that it delivered water further and more evenly than the sprinklers that were used at the time. Clem and Mary LaFetra were neighbors of Englehart’s and they decided to market his invention. Their original manufacturing facility, set up in a barn, eventually evolved into the Rain Bird Corporation.

In the end, Englehart’s sprinkler system revolutionized the food production industry and brought a new era in irrigation worldwide. Over the years since Englehart’s invention, the Rain Bird Corporation has been issued more than 130 patents.

Although Rain Bird sprinklers and controllers are used to control irrigation systems at huge places like sports arenas, golf courses and amusement parks, they also continue to be one of the highest quality sprinkler systems a homeowner can purchase.

There are more than 4,000 Rain Bird sprinklers and products offered nationally and internationally in five specific areas: consumer, contractor, commercial, golf and agriculture.

If you choose to add to your existing irrigation system with Rain Bird sprinkler products, call us today. We are the experts in New Jersey when it comes to new or replacement systems.

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