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Mosquitos and ticks have the ability to completely ruin an otherwise perfect day. Not only can they cause discomfort with their bites, but they are also capable of carrying serious diseases and viruses like West Nile, Lyme, Zika and many more. New Jersey is actually a high-risk zone for Lyme disease.

Get your lawn treated by EcoSystems and enjoy your lawn without the downsides. We provide long-lasting treatments for both residential and commercial properties that kill current pest populations and prevent future invasions.

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How Mosquito & Tick Infestations Occur

It is nearly impossible to rid yourself of these common pests without proper professional treatment. Ticks like to hang out in wooded areas and tall grass and are common pests May through August. Mosquitos find standing water an irresistible breeding ground and start to emerge in late April, lingering throughout the whole summer. However, there are some steps you can take to minimize their impact.

Tick Prevention:

  • Mow Grass
  • Trim Trees
  • Keep Pets Out of Woods
  • Move Play Areas Away From Woods
  • Wash Clothing After Time Outdoors

Mosquito Prevention:

  • Make Sure Lawn Drainage is Adequate
  • Cover Places Where Rainwater Can Pool
  • Keep Fresh Water in Pet Dishes

Additionally, for mosquito prevention, you could try running a fan near seating areas. Since mosquitoes are small and not very strong fliers, they can’t fly against a strong gust.

If these steps simply aren’t doable for you, don’t worry. We can treat your lawn no matter how inviting the habitat is to these pests. We believe your lawn should be used the way you want it to. And it’s a lot easier to call for treatment than changing your whole lawn setup.

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If you want to end your battle with ticks and mosquitos, just rely on us at EcoSystems. With an A+ BBB rating, 30+ years in business and 5-star customer lawn care reviews, we’re regarded as the NJ experts in our industry.

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