Electric Dog Fence Installation

Keep your dog safe and happy with an electric pet fence from EcoSystems. Our fences are easily adjustable so that you can effectively train your dog to stay within its borders. No matter what type of personality or temperament your pet has, you can train them to stay safe and enjoy their time outdoors.

Benefits of Electric Fences Over Traditional Fences

Traditional, wooden or chain link fences are more expensive to install and maintain than electric ones. And there are many other advantages of electric fencing other than cost:

  • More Space – Because there isn’t a physical barrier, you don’t have to feel that your yard is closed off, and you can avoid the bulky alternatives.
  • More Flexibility – There are no physical limitations of your yard with an electric fence.
  • HOA Compliant – Some homeowners associations don’t allow visible fencing or have style restrictions. An electric fence will steer you clear of any of those issues.
  • Better Security – It’s easy to forget to close a physical fence, something you won’t have to worry about with an electric one. Your dog is also not able to jump over or dig under an electric fence.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Invisible Pet Fence

The most important key to having your fence work correctly is training. We can provide you not only with high quality products but with training tips as well. All it takes is 15 minutes a day for two weeks.

Get Started With EcoSystems

Why EcoSystems for your electric pet fence?

  • Large, well-established local company–In business for over 30 years
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Quality, courteous service

We service Monmouth, Middlesex, Ocean, Union, Mercer and Somerset Counties. Call us for more details about an invisible pet fence installation at 732-679-7474.