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Many homes and businesses in Monmouth, Middlesex and Ocean Counties deal with lawn drainage issues that can have devastating effects on otherwise beautiful lawns. In addition to turf fertilization , drainage is service that can produce very positive transformations for the health and appearance of your grass.

No matter how big or small your property is, EcoSystems Total Outdoor Solutions can help you completely avoid an oversaturated lawn.

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Signs That You Need a Drainage Solution

An oversaturated lawn is not necessarily caused by too much watering. It is important that the soil drains in an efficient way after watering, and you can’t compensate by watering infrequently. Then you risk a problem on the other end of the spectrum. Plus, your grass must be able to survive no matter what the rain patterns.

Your lawn might give you signs that water is pooling, so look out for:

  • Wet Spots – Obviously, puddled water is not a good sign. But also pay attention to areas that feel soggy and spongey.
  • Bunched Up Soil or Debris – Soil should not be carried away after every rainfall. If it is, that means that your soil is so saturated that the water accumulates and runs toward the lowest elevation.
  • Pitted Yard – Another sign that your yard is eroding are missing chunks of soil, and occasionally, sinkholes will form. This is also very bad for your home’s foundation!


There are a few more things to consider when considering if you need a drainage solution. EcoSystems has the professional knowledge to tell whether additional factors apply to your lawn:

  • Water Table & Soil Types – A water/groundwater table indicates level that your soil is naturally saturated. We’re familiar with local soil and common drainage issues.
  • Lawn Dips – Uneven yards may be hard to spot.

There’s no need to be overwhelmed by any of this when you have EcoSystems to your rescue.

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