Backflow Prevention 

The proper backflow protection is vital to your family’s health. This is how the state defines a situation requiring protection: “Any Irrigation system connected to a potable water source shall be protected against backflow by a backflow device.”

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How does “backflow” happen in the first place?

The main water supply line should only ever flow in one direction: into your home.

A sudden change in temperature often causes expansion within any type of pipe material that carries liquids under high pressures such as those found on city plumbing systems. When this happens, it’s not uncommon for fluids like water to flow back into other parts where they are no longer wanted to cause leaks which lead to costly repairs but also unsafe conditions for anyone who may come across them.

For example, backflow can happen when there is a break in the main water line or when a fire hydrant is opened for use. When this happens pressure may be lost and as result, it will no longer push forward into your home but flow back to the city’s water lines.

When this happens, backflow can contaminate the public drinking supply with:

-Human waste
-Soap from sinks/dishwashers/showers
-Chlorine from pools/spas

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In New Jersey, there are only two (2) devices allowed by the State for correct backflow protection and they are used for different situations. One is a Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB) and the other is a Reduced Pressure Vacuum Breaker (RPVB).

A PVB is called for when the device can be installed twelve (12) inches above the highest sprinkler head. The RPVB is to be used when the device is less than twelve (12) inches above the highest sprinkler head along with some installation restrictions. The majority of installations require the PVB and it is the standard of the industry.

Please be sure that the contractor you have gotten an estimate from is giving you a price that has the proper backflow device included. Also, please be sure that the contractor is State Certified. A State Certified Landscape Irrigation Contractor is required to display his Certification number on his trucks.

We have passed all State requirements and maintain current certifications.

Our Certified Landscape Irrigation Contractors CLIC # 221609

Backflow Certification Lic #8067

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