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Repair Service

EcoSystems employs professional trained service technicians are capable of repairing and servicing any brand lawn sprinkler system including, but not limited to, all major brands such as Rain Bird , Toro, Hunter, Irritrol, Orbit, Nelson , Richdell, and Weathermatic. We offer convenient Appointment Scheduling to fit your busy schedule, so there is no more waiting around all day.

Our professional service technicians will be prompt, polite, and courteous. They will listen to all of your concerns, needs, and questions, and will offer you their expert opinion on how to best resolve your situation.

Before any repairs are made, our service technicians will give you a complete diagnosis and cost estimate to repair your automatic lawn sprinkler system. Then, with your authorization, we will repair all the necessary items to make your automatic lawn sprinkler system work efficiently and effectively.

At the end of your appointment you will receive a detailed report concerning the status of your automatic lawn sprinkler system. This includes the automatic controller settings, watering schedule, an itemized repair list, and all recommendations pertaining to your individual automatic lawn sprinkler system. Customer Service is our #1 Goal, so we will do whatever it takes to Satisfy Your Every Concern. Call us today @ 732-679-7474 to schedule your Repair / Service appointment needs.

Spring Start-Up Services

Spring Start-Up Service begins late March, weather permitting. Our Spring Start-Up Service is a very important service that we can provide for you. Having your automatic lawn sprinkler system operating properly in the beginning of the season is essential to maintaining a beautiful and healthy landscape year round. We offer convenient Appointment Scheduling to fit your busy schedule so there is no more waiting around all day.

Your Spring Start-Up Service begins with our professional service technicians arriving at your property as per your scheduled appointment. Our service technicians will then proceed to set up and activate your automatic lawn sprinkler system

We provide the following Spring Start-Up Service:
As a valued customer, you will automatically be placed on our mailing list so we can remind you about your Spring Start-Up Service and Winterization Service.

  • Program the automatic controller for proper watering operation.
  • Replace the automatic controller back-up memory battery.
  • Inspect system for leaks on the inside sprinkler plumbing as well as the outside.
  • Check the station valves for any malfunctions.
  • Adjust all the sprinkler heads on your property for proper coverage.
  • Check rain-sensor settings for effective operation.
  • Report all the repairs to you that are deemed necessary and their costs.
  • Discuss all the options and remedies available to you for an efficient and effective system. We make only the repairs authorized by you.
  • Present you with a detailed report concerning your automatic lawn sprinkler system, including the automatic controller settings, watering schedule, rain-sensor setting, itemized repair list, and any recommendations we feel are necessary.


Backflow Protection

The proper backflow protection is so vital to your family’s health. Here is how the state defines a situation requiring protection: “Any Irrigation system connected to a potable water source shall be protected against backflow by a backflow device.”

In New Jersey there are only two (2) devices allowed by the State for correct backflow protection and both of them are used for different situations. One is a Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB) and the other is a Reduced Pressure Vacuum Breaker (RPVB). A PVB is installed when the device calls for an installation where the device can be installed twelve (12) inches above the highest sprinkler head. The RPVB is to be used when the device is less than twelve (12) inches above the highest sprinkler head along with some installation restrictions. The majority of installations require the PVB, and it is the standard of the industry.

Other than those two (2) types, all others do not protect you from a backflow application. Here are the types that are unacceptable and illegal in the State of New Jersey.

AVB (Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker)

MasterValve AVB (Valved Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker)

Master Valve (Simple Zone Valve Connected to Controller)

Double Check Valve (Dual Checkvalve assembly)

Please be sure that the contractor you have gotten an estimate from is giving you a price that has the proper backflow device included. Also, please be sure that the contractor is State Certified. A State Certified Landscape Irrigation Contractor is required to display his Certification # on his trucks.


The following information is provided to educate New Jersey Residents as to the State requirements for any company doing business as a Landscape Irrigation Contractor. The information provided has been condensed to simplify reading.

P.L. 1991, CHAPTER 27, approved February 19, 1991

1990 Assembly No. 1846 (First Reprint)

“Landscape Irrigation Contractor Certification Act of 1990”

page 1 line 20 d. “Landscape Irrigation Contracting ” means the Construction (Installation), Repair (Service), Maintenance, Improvement and Alteration of any portion of a landscape Irrigation system (Lawn Sprinkler), including required wiring within that system and required power supply and connection to the public or private water supply system under the current State and County Codes.

page 1 line 34 3. 1a1. No person shall engage in the business of landscape irrigation contracting without first securing from the board a landscape irrigation contractor certificate in accordance with the provisions of this act; etc.

page 1 line 25 f. “Landscape Irrigation System” means any assemblage of components, materials or special equipment which is designed, constructed and installed for controlled dispersion of water from any safe and suitable source, including properly treated waste water, for the purpose of irrigating landscape vegetation or the control of dust and erosion on landscaped areas, including integral pumping systems or integral control systems for manual, semi-automatic or automatic control of the operation of these systems.

We have passed all State requirements and maintain the current

Our Certified Landscape Irrigation Contractors CLIC # 221609


If you are considering landscape improvements or renovations, the first person you should call is a professional contractor. Licensed and trained in quality installations, the contractor should be knowledgeable in state and local codes and the installation of an approved backflow device to protect your drinking water supply. He should know and install the latest professional grade products and can help you decide which irrigation or water gardening system will work best for your application.

Questions to ask a Professional Contractor:

  1. Does the contractor have a valid license / certification?
  2. Does he have proof of liability insurance?
  3. What permits will be required?
  4. What type of products does he use and why?
  5. Is after sales service provided?
  6. What are his product warranties?

Some of the considerations to be made for your irrigation system and discussed with you are:

  • Water source and pressure
  • Project size
  • Soil type
  • Planting materials
  • Local weather characteristics

EcoSystems will make certain that the system is installed quickly and with a minimum disruption to the existing foliage. Professionally installed, your new system will operate with efficiency and will be warrantied for workmanship and materials.


WARNING! WEAR ANSI APPROVED SAFETY EYE PROTECTION! Extreme care must always be taken when blowing out the system with compressed air. Compressed air can cause serious injury, including serious eye injury, from flying debris. Always wear ANSI approved safety eye protection and do not stand over any irrigation components (pipes, sprinklers and valves) during air blow out. SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY MAY RESULT IF YOU DO NOT PROCEED AS RECOMMENDED!

It is recommended that a qualified licensed contractor perform this type of “Winterization” method. The blow out method utilizes an air compressor with a Cubic Foot per Minute (CFM) rating of 80-100 for any mainline of 2″ or less. These types of compressors can be rented at your local equipment rental yard. The compressor is attached to the mainline via a quick coupler, hose bib or other type connection, which is usually located at the backflow device. To start the “blow out”, shut off the irrigation water supply and, with the compressor valve in the closed position, attach the air compressor hose to the fitting. Activate the station on the controller. Then slowly open the valve on the compressor; this should gradually introduce air into the irrigation system. The blow out pressure should remain below the maximum operating pressure specification of the lowest pressure rated component.

Each station/zone should be activated until no streams of water can be seen exiting the heads, this should take approximately two minutes or more per station/zone. Once the station/zone is completed, you should not continue to blow air through the pipe. Compressed air moving through dry pipes can cause friction, which will create heat and the heat could cause damage.

Once this is completed, disconnect the air compressor and release any air pressure that may be present.


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